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Advantages of Thermographic Inspection Procedures

Advantages of Thermographic Inspection Processes, analytical data to reduce operating costs enables plant related issues to be addressed. Thanks to this process, malfunctions that cause energy losses in the system are quickly detected. With thermography services, malfunctions caused by external factors such as scratches, cracks and shading in photovoltaic systems are detected. Thanks to our services, maintenance costs of Solar Energy systems are reduced.

Benefits of Thermographic Inspection Procedures

In Solar Power Plants, the temperature differences between normally operating cells and defective cells can reach very high degrees, which causes irreversible damage to the panels. This heating is caused by two situations; the decrease caused by the cells consuming energy instead of producing energy, the cells continue to heat up and this situation affects the production of neighboring cells.

With the MapperX software we have produced as Biriz Energy, we provide analytical data of your facilities by performing thermographic inspection procedures in Solar Power Plants with our expert staff in order to achieve goals such as reducing risks in energy production and extending the service life of equipment.

Turkey’s first and only autonomous pv panel inspection software MapperX software, which has been developed with 100% domestic facilities, increases the efficiency of solar power plants (SPP) by providing critical data to investors and operators for thermographic inspection processes. It plays an active role in sustainable efficient energy production.


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