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Advantages of Using Thermal Drones in PV Panels

Advantages of Using Thermal Drones in PV Panels, PV panels are key components of solar power plants and the proper, efficient operation of PV panels plays a critical role in terms of energy production. Thermal inspection of PV panels is critical for early detection of anomalies and opportunities for correction. (UAV) Thermal drones have become an extremely effective tool to accomplish this task.

Thermal Inspection of PV Panels

The performance of PV panels can degrade or fail over time. Traditional methods for detecting and correcting faults and problems in solar power plants may be insufficient, because manual inspections can be time-consuming and we may not get accurate data. This is where drone thermal inspection comes into play. Drone Thermographic Inspection in Solar Power Plants can precisely measure the surface temperatures of PV panels. This provides accurate data to detect potential problems.

PV Panel Inspection with Thermal Drone

Drones used for thermal inspection offer many advantages over traditional methods. Here are some of these advantages:

  • Speed and Efficiency: Thermal drones can work quickly and efficiently in solar power plants located in large areas. Results can be obtained much faster than manual inspections.
  • Reducing Difficulty of Access: Some PV panels can be difficult or dangerous to access from the ground. Thermal drones can easily access such difficult areas and perform inspections.
  • Precise Data Collection: Thermal drones measure surface temperatures in a precise, accurate manner. This is important for early detection of potential problems.

Thermal Inspection in Solar Power Plants

Thermal inspection in solar power plants ensures that energy production continues continuously and efficiently. Thermal drones can quickly scan thousands of PV panels in PV plants and detect the following problems.

  • Temperature Changes: Abnormal temperature changes in certain areas of PV panels can be indicative of problems. It is important that these conditions are addressed quickly.
  • Cracks and Damage: Images from thermal drone inspections are used to detect cracks and damage on the surface of the panels.
  • Shading Issues: Shading can reduce the efficiency of a PV panel. Thermal inspection identifies shading issues.

Review and Reporting of Thermal Inspection Results with MapperX Software

The data obtained during thermal inspection of solar power plants requires appropriate software to analyze and report the results.

MapperX software is an artificial intelligence software developed to analyze thermal images of solar power plants. MapperX is a software that detects anomalies in images obtained with thermal camera drones.

Error Detection and Reporting with MapperX

MapperX is the perfect tool for processing and analyzing thermal data. MapperX software enables mapping of thermal images so that we can better understand the location and magnitude of problems.

The solar power plant data analyzed by MapperX is transformed into meticulously prepared professional world-class reports. The reports contain a range of important information and contribute to the work of field personnel and technical teams.

Failure Intensity Analysis: PV analysis results show graphs that clearly illustrate the defect density. The graphs are used to understand the distribution and density of faults in the panel.

Fault Types Detail: The report produced with MapperX provides detailed information about the types of faults detected. Each type of error is described and analyzed for possible causes and effects.

Panel Model and Serial Number: The report specifies the model and serial numbers of the panel under investigation. This information is critical for accurate tracking and tracing.

With MapperX, the temperature values of the panels are important for detecting faults and identifying potential problems.

Special reports for field staff and technical team include the coordinates of the fault and faulty panels. Each faulty panel provides detailed information on the type of fault detected and the status of the fault. This information serves as a guide for detailed on-site inspections and performance measurements.

MapperX artificial intelligence software offers much more than just PV panel inspection. It offers you a comprehensive reporting service with features such as fault detection, digital twin technology, anomaly detection and efficiency analysis supported by artificial intelligence.

Use MapperX AI software to maximize the performance of your solar sites and unlock their full potential!

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