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Aerial Thermography with Drone on PV Panels

Aerial thermography of PV panels by drone is a necessary procedure for every solar power plant. While solar power plants are built on large areas and can take weeks or even days to be examined with manual methods, aerial thermography with drone is performed within a few hours even in large solar power plants.

The images obtained at the end of the inspections are analyzed with MapperX artificial intelligence-based software solutions to detect anomalies in PV panels and then turned into world-class reports that users can easily understand.

It is critical to use the right tools to increase efficiency in solar power plants and detect potential failures. In recent years, drone technology for thermal inspections on PV panels has added a new dimension to thermography processes.

The Importance of Thermal Inspection in Solar Power Plants

Thermal inspection in solar power plants is a process to check whether the panels are functioning correctly and to increase efficiency in energy production. Drone technology, when equipped with high-resolution thermal cameras, can scan large areas in a short time and precisely measure the surface temperatures of PV panels. This data is used to detect possible failures and energy losses.

The Importance of Thermal and RGB Monitoring

In addition to thermal inspection, RGB (color image) inspection is also used to detect faults in PV panels. RGB images can be used to detect the physical condition of the panels, visual issues such as dirt, cracks or ghosting. When thermal and RGB inspections are used together, it is possible to perform a more comprehensive analysis and accurately analyze the problems.

Common Failures in PV Panels and the Role of Drone Technology

Common failures of PV panels include hot spots, cracks, contamination and connection problems. Aerial inspection by drone is an effective tool for detecting such faults. For example, thermal cameras can detect hot spots, while high-resolution RGB cameras detect cracks or contamination. This data is analyzed in the MapperX software to detect faults in a fully autonomous way.
The combination of thermal and RGB inspections ensures accurate diagnoses and provides valuable data for developing long-term plant maintenance strategies.

The future of solar power plants is shaped by accurate analysis and maintenance. Aerial thermography with PV Panel Drone opens new horizons in this field, making clean energy production safer and more efficient.

MapperX in 5 Steps

CLOUD: Transfer your photos to the cloud.

ORTOFOTO: MapperX automatically converts your JPG photos to GEOTIFF format for you.

DIGITAL FIELDS: Automatically converts completed orthophotos into digital twins that you can view big data on the web.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: After examining the digital fields with image processing techniques, it detects faults according to the temperature data of the panels. Detects and classifies faults with artificial intelligence decision-making algorithms.

REPORTING: MapperX creates a world-class technical failure report after completing the analysis and inspection of digital fields with artificial intelligence.

MapperX detects anomalies in panels by analyzing thermal and RGB images obtained by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The working process of MapperX is as follows:

  • Thermal and RGB images are acquired by a UAV supported by MapperX at the solar power plant.
  • MapperX software uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze these images.
  • Anomalies in thermal and RGB images are detected by MapperX software.
  • Anomalies are reported by MapperX software at world standards.

MapperX is a software that helps improve the efficiency of solar power plants. By detecting PV panel failures early, it contributes to reducing maintenance costs and increasing energy production.

The main benefits of MapperX are as follows:

  • Early detection of panel failures
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased energy production
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reducing the risk of human error

MapperX is a widely used software for solar power plants. It is used in large and small scale solar power plants in many countries around the world.

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