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Design Process in Rooftop SPP Installations

Roof SPP Installations

Drone-Assisted Solar Energy Design

The vast majority of solar experts conduct on-site technical inspections prior to construction, with more than 50% completing these inspections before they impact the sales process. With current methods of rooftop SPP installations, solar companies still have to deal with the need to climb onto the roof and manual measurements that clog pipelines, reduce accuracy levels and increase safety risks. Using drone technology and 3D modeling tools, MapperX’s solar design software aims to make roof climbing a thing of the past, reducing time on site by up to 90% and increasing design accuracy, avoiding redesign requirements, order changes or delays in the installation process.

The solar design process is a growing and increasingly important area of the energy sector. Factors such as the limited availability of traditional energy sources, environmental concerns and rising energy costs have led to solar energy becoming more popular. Designing solar energy more efficiently and effectively is important to increase sustainability and economic benefits in energy production.

MapperX stands out as an important product transforming the solar industry. MapperX offers a highly innovative approach to managing solar projects from start to finish. The key components of this approach are:
Drone Technology and Data Collection: MapperX uses drone technology to enable solar companies to scan buildings and land with high precision. Drones collect high-resolution imagery and data, providing the accurate and comprehensive data needed during the design phase.

Increased Speed and Accuracy: MapperX allows solar companies to scan areas with drone technology and instantly convert the data obtained into 3D models. It makes it possible to quickly determine the optimal placement of solar panels and perform shading analysis. While the design process is accelerated, more accurate results are obtained.

Cost Efficiency: MapperX reduces operational costs by eliminating the need to send personnel for site inspections. These scans, carried out with drone technology and 3D modeling, minimize the need for site visits and thus save costs.

3D Modeling: The collected data is converted into 3D models in real time by the MapperX platform. The models are used to optimize the placement of solar panels, perform shading analysis and make more accurate decisions at every stage of the design.

Design and Analysis Tool: MapperX enables solar companies to optimize the design process and perform analysis. The best panel locations are determined, energy efficiency calculations are made and realistic visual data of the projects are generated. This both speeds up the design process and improves the quality of the results.

Cost and Safety Benefits: MapperX’s platform reduces operational costs by reducing the need to send personnel for site inspections. The use of drone technology reduces potential risks during site inspections, thus increasing the level of safety.
MapperX’s approach allows solar projects to be realized more quickly and efficiently, accelerating the industry-wide transition to sustainable energy. The company’s platform offers great potential for solar companies aiming to reduce environmental impact by increasing energy efficiency and leaving a cleaner energy source for future generations.

Simplify Solar Design with Uninterrupted Accuracy MapperX’s innovative drone-assisted modeling platform makes it possible to create photo-realistic and precise PV (photovoltaic) system designs. With MapperX, PV system designers can efficiently plan array layouts, make production forecasts, export CAD files and easily create shading analyses approved by all major regulatory bodies and lenders.

Why use the tools of the past to create the energy of the future?

The Old Way
Manual ladders, pencil-drawn tape measures, handwritten notes and subjective shading equipment can lead to possible errors, inaccuracies and estimations.

New Method
High-tech drones and advanced 3D modeling software deliver more accurate results, speeding up the process while improving time management, safety and design precision.
Traditional methods now limit efficient and safe working. For example, what used to be manual ladder installations and hand-drawn measurements now increase the workload and make results unreliable. The search for innovative solutions to overcome the problems has begun.
Thanks to MapperX, the possibility of automatic picture taking and measurement by drone has enabled us to achieve much faster results compared to traditional measuring tapes.


The fact that the measurement results provided by drones are more precise than hand drawings has been positively received by the On-Site Assessors. MapperX’s shadow analysis and solar models automate our determination of the most efficient location of the panels, eliminating the need for manual surveys.

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