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Detailed Thermal Inspection of PV Panels

Detailed Thermal Inspection of PV Panels is done easily and quickly thanks to MapperX software. MapperX artificial intelligence software examines thermal images obtained from solar power plants, classifies anomalies, and provides great convenience to solar power plants by turning them into world-class reports.

MapperX inspection analytics precisely identifies, classifies and prioritizes any anomalies mapped from thermal images to digital twins of solar power plants. This provides an effective solution to maximize the productivity of PV systems worldwide.

Energy Efficiency with MapperX

Focusing on detailed information that you can use to improve your energy efficiency makes the process of data analysis with MapperX artificial intelligence software of images from drone thermal surveys in solar power plants more efficient.

Improve the Data Collection Process: When conducting drone thermal surveys in solar power plants, it is important to optimize the data collection process.

Aerial thermographic inspections of solar power plants should be carried out in accordance with MapperX flight instructions to ensure that drones take images at the correct height and angle.

Improve Data Quality: Data quality affects the accuracy of your analysis results. High resolution and clarity of thermal images leads to better analysis results. Data quality is improved by regularly calibrating images and performing corrections.

Data Analysis: MapperX artificial intelligence software helps analyze thermal images quickly and accurately.

Anomaly Identification and Classification: MapperX can identify and classify anomalies in thermal images. This allows you to detect problems such as panel damages, temperature differences or efficiency drops and create a prioritized action plan.

Based on the data obtained, problems are prioritized. By prioritizing critical issues, operating costs can be reduced and power generation increased. For example, prioritizing panel damage that needs to be resolved quickly increases efficiency.

By following these detailed steps, you can make the process of analyzing data from drone thermal inspections in solar power plants more effective and increase your energy efficiency in power plants. This will help both increase power generation and reduce operating costs.

Thermal Inspection in Solar Power Plants with MapperX

With MapperX, comprehensive IR inspections of solar power plants are performed in accordance with IEC standards. Thermal inspections are highly detailed and enable detailed monitoring of the performance of each PV module at the sub-module level.

These processes allow teams to precisely sort and prioritize anomalies at both module and array level based on temperature intensity. This makes the process of identifying and resolving errors and issues more effective and efficient.

Detected anomalies include all anomalies identified by MapperX as well as data analysis results in accordance with IEC TS 62446-3 Technical Specification for Photovoltaic (PV) systems. These analyses include:

  • Detailed classification of single cell hot spot with ΔT (Temperature Difference) > 10 K.
  • Detailed classification of a heated junction box with ΔT > 4 K.
  • More detailed classifications for short-circuited sub-array with ΔT > 4 K.

It includes specific details of anomalies detected by MapperX as well as temperature differences in PV systems determined according to IEC TS 62446-3.

MapperX Drone Service

MapperX Data Collection Service employs professional drone service providers to perform inspections of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Our team of experienced drone pilots ensures high-quality results while complying with local regulations. All our pilots are licensed, trained and insured.

Thanks to MapperX flight instructions designed to make the data collection process more efficient, we minimize manual processes and easily coordinate with our pilot network. In this way, we make the process of inspecting solar energy systems faster and smoother.

Why is Thermographic Inspection Important?

Aerial thermal inspection is an extremely important process for monitoring the performance of solar power plant sites and quickly diagnosing potential problems. Aerial thermal inspection by drone is used to determine whether PV panels are performing as they should, while also helping to identify the causes of poorest performance that are invisible to the eye.

Thermal inspections are important for owners and operators of solar installations because they can detect problems early, quickly fix equipment, obtain important data for root cause analysis and minimize lost revenue.

The results of the data obtained as a result of aerial inspections are analyzed by MapperX artificial intelligence software into detailed world-class reports.

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