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Drone Mapping Software

Drone technologies are now being used in many sectors, one of which is solar power plants. Drone mapping software is used to map solar power plants and transform them into digital sites. MapperX is one of the prominent software in this field.

MapperX provides detailed mapping of solar power plants. It is possible to convert the data obtained after the aerial imaging process with the drone into a digital field thanks to MapperX software. All solar power plants can be accessed and viewed in detail on the web.

Advantages of Mapping with Drone

The use of this technology makes it possible to map large inaccessible solar power plant areas and provide comprehensive, accurate data while reducing survey time and costs.

1- Reduces survey costs: Compared to manual methods, drones are a more efficient method for taking topographic pictures.

2- Mapping inaccessible areas: Some survey areas can be difficult or dangerous for humans to access. Drones can maneuver in most places and capture good images in these areas. Thus, inaccessible areas can be mapped.

3- Provides comprehensive and accurate data: Drones not only measure individual points but also provide thousands of measurements in various formats such as orthomosaic, contour lines, point cloud, DTM and DSM. This allows for comprehensive and accurate data.

4- Fast and precise results: Drones can move quickly and provide fast results. The ability of drones to measure with high precision helps to obtain accurate results.

5- Provides visualization of data: The data obtained by drones can be processed with various visualization tools and presented in different formats such as maps, 3D models and video. This makes the data easier to understand and analyze.

Thermal Drone Investigations in Solar Power Plants

Thermal drone inspections in solar power plants play an important role in improving the performance of power plants and quickly detecting faults. Thermal drones help detect potential problems in panels by imaging the thermal properties of panels in solar power plants at high resolution.

Thermal drone inspections also play an important role in improving the performance of solar power plants. By measuring the temperatures of the panels, thermal drones detect problems that reduce efficiency. Thus, by identifying the locations of problematic panels, maintenance and repair operations are carried out quickly and the performance of the power plants is increased.

Thermal drone inspections in solar power plants provide much faster, more effective and accurate results compared to manual inspections. Failures can be detected and intervened with less manpower and less time spent. This helps to reduce operating costs and make solar power plants run more efficiently.

Images Obtained with Thermal Drone are Analyzed in MapperX Software

Thermal drones are aerial vehicles used to acquire high-resolution thermal images. Drones are widely used in different industrial applications. MapperX software enables precise analysis by converting thermal images obtained from solar power plants into digital maps.

Thermal drones are used in construction, agriculture, land mapping, energy, security and many other industries. Drones offer an alternative that is not affected by weather conditions and can be used more safely. Thermal drones help identify many different problems such as thermal insulation issues, energy efficiency issues and security issues thanks to the thermal images obtained.

MapperX detects failures and causes of failures in solar power plants with 99% accuracy. In this way, malfunctions in solar power plants are quickly detected, areas that need to be intervened are determined and the causes of malfunctions are resolved more quickly.

MapperX analyzes the data obtained using thermal drone images with artificial intelligence algorithms and creates detailed reports. In this way, the performance of solar power plants is increased and operating costs are reduced. Visit the website to learn more about “PV Review