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Drone Technology and PV Panels

Thermal inspection in solar power plants is a factor that directly affects the performance and efficiency of the panels. Aerial inspections with thermal cameras help identify potential problems by showing temperature differences in PV panels. Anomalies detected at an early stage with these inspections prevent costly repairs.

PV Panel Inspection with Drone

Drones have the ability to inspect solar panels quickly and effectively from the air. Thanks to their high-resolution cameras and sensitive sensors, drones can detect potential damage to PV panels. In this way, much faster and more accurate results are obtained compared to manual inspection processes.

Causes of Damage to PV Panels

Damage to PV panels can occur due to various factors. These include natural disasters, weather conditions, wear and tear, bird droppings and technical faults. Drone technology provides timely intervention by detecting these damages at an early stage.

Aerial Thermal Inspection with Drone with Thermal Camera

Drones with thermal cameras precisely measure temperature changes in solar panels. This is used to detect problems with the cells in the panels, connection problems or insulation deficiencies. The drones can scan large solar power plants in a short period of time and record the data in detail, so that the data obtained with MapperX software is analyzed, error detection processes are performed and detailed world-class reports are provided on the anomalies found in the panels.

The use of drone technology in solar power plants not only increases efficiency in energy production, but also allows repairs to be made more quickly and effectively. This innovative technology is an important step towards a future of cleaner and sustainable energy production in the solar industry.

Air Thermography in PV Panels

As the global market leader in air thermography for PV panels, we stand out for our detailed PV inspections, reports and analysis. Our solar thermal inspection solution processes thermal images from solar power systems to detect, classify and prioritize 100% of all anomalies that match the digital copy of your PV plant. The precise location of all anomalies detected in the panels can be pinpointed, enabling the rapid repair of faulty panels, maximizing the productivity of PV plants around the world. This powerful approach provides a seamless roadmap to improve the efficiency of solar power plants by providing not only the problems, but also the solutions.

MapperX A Solution Beyond Solar Energy Auditing

In solar power plants, critical information such as electricity generation, power output, efficiency and operating temperatures can be collected through sensors and drones. These rich data sets are vital for assessing the performance of solar power systems and improving efficiency in management.

MapperX offers much more in PV panel inspections. This innovative software solution is equipped with advanced features such as AI-powered fault detection, digital twin technology, anomaly detection and efficiency analytics. It also maximizes the performance of solar power plants with its detailed reporting service. MapperX is a solution designed to transform solar energy, redefining the standards in the industry with its unique features.

MapperX uses a set of algorithms that work on thermal images acquired at solar power plants using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). These algorithms analyze the heat distributions of the panels to detect failures and other issues that can cause performance degradation.

The main features of MapperX are as follows:

  • Automatic fault detection: MapperX can automatically detect hot spots, fractures, contamination and other problems in PV panels.
  • High accuracy: MapperX has a higher accuracy rate than traditional manual inspection methods.
  • 99% time savings: MapperX saves 99% time compared to traditional methods.
  • Increases efficiency: MapperX can improve the efficiency of solar power plants by helping early detection of panel failures.
  • Improves reliability: MapperX can improve the reliability of solar power plants by helping early detection of faults in panels.,

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