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EPC Companies in Solar Power Plants

Solar power plants play an important role in the renewable energy sector. EPC firms (engineering, procurement and construction) are preferred for the construction of such plants. These companies carry out the design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of solar power plants.

What is EPC?

An EPC project is usually used for complex projects such as large-scale infrastructure projects. In such projects, contractors manage the entire project on behalf of their clients. EPC projects are also referred to as “turnkey” projects, where contractors take responsibility for the entire project, including engineering design, material procurement, construction, testing and commissioning.

EPC projects can offer many advantages for project owners, since project management is handled by a single firm, operating costs can be reduced and the entire project can be guaranteed to be completed on time and on budget.

What Do EPC Firms Do?

EPC firms perform various tasks at each stage of the project.

Engineering Phase:

EPC firms perform the engineering design of the project. EPC firms prepare all technical drawings, calculations and documentation before the start of the power plant in accordance with the requirements of the project. During the design phase, EPC companies create the most appropriate engineering design in accordance with the expectations of the project owners, taking into account economic, technical and environmental factors.

Procurement Phase:

EPC firms determine the project’s material, equipment and service requirements and procure them. In this phase, EPC firms perform the necessary operations for supply chain management. These include the selection of suppliers, contract negotiations, transportation and storage of materials and equipment.

Construction Phase:

During the construction phase of the project, EPC firms carry out the placement, installation and testing of materials and equipment in accordance with the engineering design. EPC firms manage all construction activities, including project management, quality control, safety management, environmental management and resource management.

Testing and Commissioning Phase:

EPC firms perform all testing and commissioning activities required for project completion and commissioning. EPC firms perform all tests to ensure that the solar power plants are functioning correctly. EPC firms provide the project owners with all documents related to the completion and commissioning of the project.

Importance of EPC Firms in Solar Power Plants

Since the construction and operation of solar power plants requires expertise, specialized companies are needed in this field. EPC companies (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) are involved in the construction of solar power plants from scratch.

Solar panels, inverters, substations, distribution boards and other components work together to generate electricity from sunlight. Proper design, procurement and installation of these components ensure the successful operation of solar power plants. The role of EPC companies in solar power plants is very important.

Another important contribution of EPC companies is to reduce costs in solar power plants. By selecting the right material suppliers, companies increase efficiency in design and construction processes and reduce costs due to reduced errors in the processes. This enables solar power plants to be used in more projects, thereby reducing the dependence on fossil fuels worldwide.

Contribution of Artificial Intelligence to Solar Power Plants

MapperX provides users with a digital twin of their solar power plants, enabling continuous analysis of PV health and power output, detecting potential failures in advance and performing preventive maintenance. MapperX software analyzes aerial imagery to detect performance losses in solar power plants. In this way, abnormalities in the panels can be quickly identified and necessary interventions can be made.

For Energy and Construction Projects (EPC) companies, the analysis services offered with MapperX solution partnership are an indispensable tool during maintenance and repair phases. MapperX helps EPC companies optimize their business processes with its powerful analysis capabilities.

With the analysis provided by MapperX, EPC companies can make faster and more accurate decisions in maintenance and repair operations. MapperX saves time and resources. MapperX’s solution partnership services help EPC companies to do their work more efficiently. Visit the website to learn more about “Importance and Frequency of Drone Inspections for PV Power Plants”