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Fire Protection

The most important cause of fire in PV systems is electrical faults. These are arcs, short circuit, ground fault and reverse current, which we call electrical jumps. These and cable insulation problems, module cracks or faults such as incorrect connection cause flammable materials to ignite. At the same time, incorrectly installed DC and AC inverters are the main causes of many fires.

Any faulty connection or disconnection can turn into an electric arc due to current and spread with the help of air. This problem, which is an important risk in power lines, is one of the most important points to be considered due to high current and high voltage in PV systems.

Electrical components exposed to environmental conditions wear out over time, especially due to UV rays. Thermal irregularities caused by faults such as worn or loose electrical cables or that may cause fire can be detected by thermographic inspection and the risk of fire can be eliminated.