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How Artificial Intelligence Works in Solar Energy

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Solar energy is a clean, sustainable and renewable energy source. Solar energy has become increasingly popular around the world in recent years. Solar power plants are facilities that convert solar energy into electricity. These plants are considered an environmentally friendly energy source and are used to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

The use of these plants is increasing in countries with high solar energy potential. These countries include China, India, the USA, Germany and Japan.
It should not be forgotten that solar power plants need maintenance. Regular maintenance of solar power plants is very important in terms of improving performance, ensuring safety and protecting the investment.

MapperX in Solar Power Plants

MapperX is a software product designed specifically for solar power plants. Developed using image processing and machine learning technologies, this software detects faults in PV sites with 99% accuracy.
One of the biggest advantages of MapperX is that it quickly detects faults in solar power plants by harnessing the power of data and analysis. By detecting and reporting damage, cracks and contamination on solar panels, field workers can more quickly identify faults and begin remediation.

Another advantage of MapperX is that it reduces the maintenance costs of solar power plants. The software prevents unnecessary maintenance costs by identifying maintenance and repair needs of power plants in advance. Thus, plant owners can reduce maintenance costs while increasing performance and generating more energy.

MapperX also detects changes in energy production by monitoring the efficiency of the panels, thus increasing the efficiency of the panels while minimizing losses in energy production.
Using MapperX for fault detection of panels in solar power plants provides cost savings. By analyzing the data obtained as a result of thermal inspection, it reduces the time and resources people spend to detect faults in the panels.

5 Steps to High Efficiency in Solar Power Plants

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PV panel thermal images obtained as a result of aerial inspection in solar power plants are made understandable with MapperX software.

1. Cloud

By uploading your solar power plant photos to these systems, you can ensure that your files are stored securely and analyzed with MapperX.

2. Orthophoto

Orthophoto is a technology used to measure and analyze surface features by overlaying high-resolution aerial photographs on a three-dimensional map. This technology is an important tool for geographic information systems (GIS).
MapperX is a software that makes users’ lives easier when it comes to photo and image conversion. MapperX automatically converts your JPG photos from PV panels to GEOTIFF and R-JPEG photos to TIFF format, preserving temperature data.
MapperX automates the conversion process to these formats and saves users time. It also minimizes data loss during the conversion process, allowing users to achieve quality results.

3. Digital Fields

MapperX turns your orthomosaic maps created with artificial intelligence technology into digital fields.

4. Artificial Intelligence

The examinations of digital fields with image processing techniques are carried out at world standards. Thanks to these examinations, the temperature data of the panels can be analyzed and malfunctions can be detected. Artificial intelligence technology plays an important role in automating these processes. Faults that may occur in the panels can be detected faster and more accurately.

5. Reporting

MapperX is able to create world-class technical failure reports after completing the analysis and inspection of digital fields with artificial intelligence technology. By providing a detailed report on the technical status of solar power plants, possible failures are prevented and resolved faster.

Thanks to its algorithms, MapperX processes the thermal inspection data of solar power plants, detects faults and reveals important points regarding the causes of low performance. MapperX’s processing, interpretation and reporting of thermal inspection data of PV sites enables maintenance activities to be carried out faster and more effectively. Maintenance activities are carried out more efficiently and the performance of the sites improves. Visit the website to learn more about “Drone Thermography