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Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography is a method used to measure and visualize the radiation (heat) emitted from an object. This method allows to visualize the temperature distribution of objects using a thermal camera. The thermal camera detects the radiation of objects and converts each pixel into a temperature value. In this way, with a calibrated camera, it is possible to access real temperature values without touching them.
Infrared thermography shows temperature distributions that are normally invisible to the eye and is used in many industries. Measurements made with this method can be useful in many fields such as health, structural analysis, energy efficiency, agriculture and industrial applications.

Infrared Thermography in Solar Power Plants

Solar power plants are a prominent option among environmentally friendly and sustainable energy sources. Problems that may occur in solar power plants can reduce efficiency and therefore reduce the income of investors.
Infrared thermography is a widely used method in solar power plants. It is used to detect heat-related problems that may occur in solar panels using thermal cameras. Panels may have cracks, corrosion, insulation problems, cable failures and various other mechanical problems. Infrared thermography in solar power plants both reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of solar panels.

Increasing Efficiency with Infrared Thermography in Solar Power Plants

Solar power plants use a range of equipment to store and distribute the energy collected from solar panels. The proper functioning of this equipment is critical for the efficiency of solar power plants. At this point, the method of increasing efficiency with infrared thermography comes into play.

Infrared thermography inspections are used to determine whether solar panels and other equipment are working properly. For example, infrared thermography determines the temperature differences on the surface of the panels. This is used to determine if the panels are installed correctly or if there are cracks or breaks between them.

Reducing Maintenance Costs with Infrared Thermography in Solar Power Plants

Infrared thermography technology significantly reduces maintenance costs in solar power plants. Compared to traditional maintenance methods, this technology works faster and more efficiently. Maintenance operations are completed in less time and require less manpower. Thanks to this technology, faults can be detected in advance, helping to avoid bigger problems and therefore preventing costly repairs.

Infrared Thermography in Solar Power Plants with Drone

Drone technology is a highly effective method for using infrared thermography in solar power plants. Drones can quickly fly over the site and collect instant data by measuring the temperatures of the panels in the power plant with their infrared cameras. This data is then analyzed using special software and potential faults in the power plant are detected.

The characteristics of the drones used and the quality of the infrared cameras are factors that affect the accuracy of the data obtained. MapperX software ensures that data is analyzed accurately and faults are detected.
The use of infrared thermography with drone technology helps reduce maintenance costs, increase production efficiency and prevent the risk of fire in solar power plants.

Determining Fire Risk in Solar Power Plants with Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography can be used to identify and prevent fire risk in solar power plants. Infrared Thermography uses a thermal camera to detect radiation (heat) emitted from an object, convert it into a temperature measurement and visualize the object with its temperature distribution. This method is ideal for fire risk assessment in solar power plants.

Infrared Thermography is not only a tool to prevent the risk of fire in solar power plants but is also very useful in maintenance processes. Infrared Thermography is used to regularly inspect equipment and identify potential problems. This helps to reduce maintenance costs and increase equipment lifetime.

MapperX is a software product developed for solar energy systems using artificial intelligence technologies.

MapperX transforms solar sites into digital sites accessible on the internet and collects thermal information about the site. It analyzes the data of the site depending on the monitored parameters and the monitored frequency and detects the causes of malfunctions in the field with 99% accuracy thanks to artificial intelligence software.

With our MapperX software, we enable solar power plants to operate more efficiently and help our customers maximize their investments. Visit the website to learn more about “How to Study Solar Power Plants Faster?”