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Inspection at Power Plants with Thermal Drone

Power plants play a critical role in meeting the energy needs of societies. Regular maintenance and inspections of plants are vital to improve efficiency, detect problems early and minimize environmental impacts. Traditional methods can be both costly and time-consuming. Thermal drones are revolutionizing this process.

What is Thermal Inspection Technology?

Thermal inspection is a technique that uses thermal cameras to measure the surface temperatures of PV panels and visualize this information with color codes. This is a highly effective method for identifying temperature differences and early detection of potential problems when performing maintenance and inspection of power plants.

How to Inspect with a Thermal Drone?

Using a Drone Equipped with a Thermal Camera: Drones with thermal cameras specially designed for thermal inspection scan power plants with high-resolution thermal images. These images clearly show the temperature changes of the power plant’s components.

Data Collection and Analysis: Thermal drones collect data by scanning the entire power plant. This data is then analyzed and anomalies or potential problems are identified.

Reporting Inspection results can be presented as visual reports or temperature maps. These reports are used to determine the maintenance requirements of the power plant and solve problems quickly. MapperX analyzes the data obtained as a result of thermal inspections in solar power plants, analyzes anomaly detections, and then creates world-class reports in a way that users can understand.

Benefits of Thermal Inspection

Early Diagnosis: Thermal inspection helps to identify problems in solar power plant components early, which contributes to preventing expensive failures.

Efficiency Improvement: Temperature analysis can be used to optimize power plant processes and increase efficiency.

Safety: Thermal drones allow people to conduct power plant inspections without entering dangerous areas, which increases occupational safety.

Thermal Drone Inspection in Solar Power Plants

Solar power plants offer a particularly suitable application area for the use of thermal drones. Regular thermal inspection of components such as solar panels and inverters can improve the performance of the panels and help to quickly detect faults. Thermal inspection is also used to monitor the heat dissipation of solar panels and determine cleaning requirements.

Aerial Thermal Inspection with Drone

Airborne thermal survey technology is evolving day by day and its importance in the energy sector is growing every day. MapperX stands out as an extremely powerful tool in this field. MapperX is a software platform with advanced image processing and analysis capabilities.

Aerial Thermography with Drone

Drones, when combined with MapperX, become a powerful tool capable of performing aerial thermography. Thermography is used in a variety of applications using infrared imaging to determine the surface temperatures of PV panels.

PV Panel Inspection with MapperX

Photovoltaic (PV) panels are critical components used for solar power generation. MapperX can be used to inspect the performance and condition of these panels. Images obtained during drone flights are analyzed by MapperX to detect cracks, contamination or damage to PV panels. This is extremely important to increase the efficiency of solar energy systems and reduce maintenance costs.

MapperX creates digitally accessible areas for solar power systems, collects thermal information about solar panels, analyzes the data and detects faults with 99% accuracy. MapperX provides detailed analysis and reports on the performance issues of the plants, offers solutions and stores data for long-term analytics.

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