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Predictive Maintenance Activities

Thermographic Inspection

Predictive Maintenance Activities

Predictive Maintenance Activities use data science and predictive analytics to predict when a piece of equipment may fail so that maintenance of the equipment can be scheduled before it loses performance. The goal is to schedule maintenance at the optimal time so that it is optimized before the equipment is compromised.

Predictive maintenance solutions mainly consist of data collection and storage, data transformation, condition monitoring, asset health assessment, prognostics and decision support system layers.

Predictive maintenance technologies include non-destructive testing methods such as acoustic, infrared, oil analysis, oil analysis, sound level measurements, vibration analysis and thermal imaging predictive maintenance that measure and collect real-time data on operations and equipment through wireless sensor networks. Predictive maintenance solution providers use these measurements and predictive maintenance machine learning techniques such as classification approach or regression approach to identify equipment vulnerabilities.

Saving Time with MapperX

Our thermography service provided by unmanned aerial vehicles, regardless of the area where the system is installed (roof, land, etc.), all modules with large surfaces are completed in an average of 1 hour if the weather conditions are suitable, and the collected data is processed by our MapperX software in a short time and opened to the access of the facilities. How Solar Panels Work you can read our article