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PV Panel Fault Analysis and Detection

Solar power plants need to undergo regular maintenance and thermal inspections for efficient and trouble-free operation.

PV panels are one of the most important components of solar power plants. Panels convert sunlight into electrical energy. Failures in PV panels can reduce the efficiency of the power plant and the amount of energy it produces.

Detection and analysis of PV panel faults are important to maintain the efficiency of the power plant and prevent potential problems. For this purpose, various methods are used.

Thermal Investigation in Solar Power Plants

Thermal inspection is a method used to detect temperature differences in PV panels. The surface temperatures of solar panels should be equal under normal conditions. If there is a fault in the PV panel, the surface temperature of that panel may be higher or lower than other panels.

PV panel inspection is a method used to check the physical condition of solar panels. In inspections, the surface of the panels is checked for cracks, breaks, contamination or other physical damage.

Thermographic Inspection in Solar Power Plants with Drone

Drone thermographic inspection is a method used to perform thermal inspection of solar power plants. Drones can measure the surface temperatures of solar panels quickly and easily.

Drone thermographic inspection is an effective method for detecting malfunctions in solar panels. This method enables fast and comprehensive inspection of solar power plants located in large areas.

Conditions that cause solar panels to malfunction:

1-Installation Errors: Problems caused by improper installation or assembly of PV panels.

2-Local Shading: Keeping the panels under shade during certain hours can reduce efficiency.

3-Panel Contamination: When dust, bird droppings or other external factors cover the surface of the panels, it can cause a decrease in energy production.

4- Nearby Vegetation: The shadow cast on the panels by the overgrowth of plants negatively affects energy production.

5-Panel Cracking: Cracks on the panel surface can lead to water leakage and reduce the performance of the panel.

6-Manufacturing Defects: Errors made during the production phase of the panels can reduce durability or cause various problems.

7-Weather Events: Natural disasters such as lightning, hail or wind can cause damage to panels.

8-Insufficient Grounding: Failure to ground panels properly can cause electrical problems and even fires.

9-Module Degradation: Separation or damage to the layers inside the panels reduces efficiency.

10-Fuse or Connector Failure: Failures in the fuses or connectors in the electrical circuit of PV panels can affect performance by interrupting the energy flow.

Aerial thermal inspection method with drones is widely used to detect faults in PV panels. Drones quickly and effectively scan the large land areas of solar power plants to precisely detect anomalies in PV panels.

The thermal inspection method provides the advantage of detecting malfunctions caused by deviations of panels from normal temperature levels at an early stage.

Manual thermal inspection using traditional methods is time-consuming and costly for inspecting large solar power plants. Thanks to drone technology, drones equipped with high-resolution thermal cameras speed up this process and reduce costs.

By minimizing the error rate, it allows us to scan the entire solar power plant in a short period of time and obtain accurate results.

MapperX Software Solutions

MapperX is an artificial intelligence-based software solution for thermal inspection and fault detection in solar power plants. MapperX automatically detects failures in solar panels using artificial intelligence technology.

MapperX is an effective solution to maintain the efficiency of solar power plants and prevent potential failures.

Use of Artificial Intelligence Technology

MapperX is an essential tool for solar power plants. This software solution helps to maintain the efficiency of solar power plants and prevent potential failures.

PV panel fault analysis and detection is important to maintain the efficiency of solar power plants and prevent possible failures. MapperX software solutions are an effective solution for thermal inspection and fault detection in solar power plants.

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