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Solar Panel Fault Detection

Solar panel fault detection is detected by performing thermal inspections with aerial drone. Failures that may occur over time in solar power plants can reduce the efficiency of the panels and damage investors.

Renewable energy sources now play a critical role in electricity generation systems. Photovoltaic (PV) systems, which are among these sources, take an important place among the energy solutions of the future with their ability to convert solar energy into electrical energy.

Solar power plants offer a very promising alternative to meet the basic energy needs of modern and future societies. Renewable energy technologies are considered an ideal solution for sustainable and environmentally friendly energy production.

Solar-powered photovoltaic systems play an important role in combating climate change by accelerating our transition to green energy.

Solar Power Plant Thermal Inspection

There are many factors that affect the efficiency of PV plants. One of them is failures or performance degradation that cause PV panels to overheat. Thermal cameras detect potential problems by measuring the surface temperatures of the panels. Overheating is usually caused by faults in the connection points on the panel and this is determined by thermal inspection.

Solar Panel Faults

Cable Breakage or Connection Problems: Cables between solar panels, inverters and other components can fail or break. This prevents the transmission of the generated energy.

Surface Damages: Cracks on the panel surface lead to water leakage and thus internal damage. Damage reduces the efficiency of the PV panel.

Shading Problems: Nearby trees, buildings or other obstacles shade certain areas of the PV panels, which reduces efficiency.

Solar Panel Inspection with Aerial Drone

Aerial inspections by drones with thermal cameras are an effective method for detecting faults in large solar power plants. Drones can assess the overall appearance of the plant, detect ghosting problems and inspect damage to panel surfaces. Equipped with thermal cameras and other sensors, drones can also detect thermal problems that are invisible to the eye, such as overheating.

Solar panel inspection by drone is an effective method that allows panels to be inspected quickly and efficiently. The drone flies over the panels and captures high-resolution images. These images are analyzed with MapperX artificial intelligence-based software solutions. The software detects faults in PV panels and generates world-class reports in a way that users can understand.

MapperX software solutions help increase the efficiency of solar panels. Detecting and repairing damaged panels can increase the efficiency of the panels and reduce energy costs.

Benefits of Solar Panel Inspection by Drone

Solar panel inspection by drone has the following benefits:

It is fast and efficient: The drone flies over the panels and captures high-resolution images in a short time. This allows for a much faster and more efficient inspection than traditional manual methods.

Precise: MapperX software solutions can detect even small defects in panels. This helps to increase the efficiency of the panels.

Economical: Solar panel inspection by drone is more affordable than traditional methods.

Solving Solar Panel Faults

Cable and Connection Repairs: Cut or damaged cables need to be repaired and connection points need to be fixed. This ensures proper transmission of energy.

Surface Repairs: Cracks and damages on the PV panel surface should be repaired by experts or the damaged panel should be replaced.

Solving Shading Problems: If there are shading problems, solutions such as pruning trees or removing obstacles may be necessary. It may also be necessary to rearrange the panel arrangement.

Periodic Maintenance and Monitoring: Solar power plants require regular maintenance and inspection. Periodic maintenance helps to detect possible malfunctions in advance.

Early detection and rapid solution of malfunctions that may occur in solar power plants ensures the efficiency and longevity of the systems. Aerial drone inspections accelerate this process and can detect malfunctions more effectively.

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