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Thermal Drones to Improve Solar Panel Performance

Improving the efficiency of solar panels and quickly detecting problems is crucial. This is where thermal drones come into play.

What is a Thermal Drone?

Thermal drones are unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with thermal cameras. These thermal cameras can precisely measure the surface temperature of objects. It is an ideal product for monitoring the performance of systems operating in high temperature conditions, such as solar panels.

The Role of Thermal Drones in Solar Panel Maintenance

Fast and Efficient Monitoring: Monitoring solar panels with traditional methods can take a very long time. However, thermal drones can quickly scan the surface temperatures of PV panels and detect potential problems. This speeds up maintenance processes in power plants and minimizes interruptions in energy production.

Precise Problem Detection: Thermal cameras detect anomalies in the cells of solar panels. Cracks, blemishes or other problems are clearly visible in thermal images. This helps maintenance teams to identify specific problems in the panels and take the right action.

Advantages of Using Thermal Drones to Improve Solar Panel Performance

Increased Efficiency: Regular thermal inspection ensures that solar panels operate at maximum efficiency. Problems are quickly identified and corrected, resulting in a sustained performance in energy production.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: Precise problem detection reduces unnecessary maintenance costs. Teams can provide direct and effective interventions to the panels, leading to a significant reduction in long-term maintenance costs.

Safety and Convenience: Thermal drones ensure human safety when monitoring solar panels in dangerously high and hard-to-reach locations. They are also easily maneuverable even in difficult terrain, enabling reliable data collection even in areas with difficult access.

The Breakthrough Solution for Traceability in Solar Power Plants: MapperX

MapperX is an innovative AI-based software solution that takes inspection of solar power plants to the next level. Processing drone thermal images from PV (photovoltaic) systems, this technology precisely identifies, classifies and prioritizes all anomalies that match the digital twin of your solar power plants. In this way, it identifies any anomalies found in the panels with 100% accuracy and, most importantly, identifies the precise location of these anomalies, enabling effective correction.

Thanks to its powerful algorithms and continuous monitoring capabilities, MapperX makes it possible to quickly detect any anomalies in your plant after inspection. This minimizes energy losses while increasing the efficiency of your solar power generation plant.

Fast and Precise Resolution of Anomalies

MapperX provides precise location information for effective correction of detected anomalies. This enables maintenance teams to make fast and accurate interventions to PV panels. Any problems in the power plant are resolved immediately, ensuring continuity in power generation.

Reliability, Efficiency and Strong Performance

MapperX is the key to reliability, efficiency and strong performance for solar power plants. It maximizes the productivity of PV plants worldwide, while minimizing maintenance costs and ensuring the longevity of your plant.

Redefine Energy Production: Digitize Your Farm with an Interactive, Map-Based Digital Twin

It is now possible to see your solar power plants in an interactive, map-based digital twin. With MapperX, every anomaly in PV systems is localized on the map in real-time and their precise location is geotagged. This allows you to layer power generation data, equipment maintenance history and more on a single platform, giving you a 90-degree nadir view of your assets.

See Every Point of Your Solar Power Plant on a Map

MapperX is an AI-based software solution that offers more than the traditional long-form inspection reports. It shows every part of your solar power plant in detail on an interactive map. From panel placement to inverter positions; it allows you to see the precise location of every asset. This gives you instant access to the data you need to optimize your power generation processes.

MapperX brings together energy production data, equipment maintenance history and possible future panel conditions. By visualizing each component of the PV system in detail, it helps you maximize the value of your investment. Evaluate the past and strategize for the future of your solar power plants.

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