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Thermographic Examination with Drone

Thermographic inspection is a technology used to measure surface temperatures. Thermographic inspection allows us to identify potential problems by detecting hot spots on materials, equipment or structures. Thermographic inspection is an important tool used in many industries.

Drone technology is one of the most effective tools used for thermographic inspection in recent years. Drones are equipped with various sensors such as high-resolution cameras and thermal cameras. Thanks to these sensors, drones can be used to perform thermographic inspections in solar power plants, especially in areas that are inaccessible or dangerous from heights.

Drones detect surface temperatures using a thermal imaging camera. This helps us identify problems in the panels. For example, by examining thermal images of an industrial plant, overheated equipment or structures can be identified as potential sources of danger, such as high-voltage lines or pipelines.

Drones have many advantages for performing thermographic inspections. First, drones have the ability to perform thermographic inspections in areas that are inaccessible or dangerous from heights. Second, drones minimize human error, allowing us to obtain more accurate and consistent results. Drones reduce the time and cost required for thermographic inspection, making it a more efficient option for businesses.

Drone Thermography in Solar Power Plants

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Thermal Inspection

Drone technology is an extremely effective tool for conducting thermographic inspections at solar power plants. Drones can detect potential problems in solar panels. For example, by examining thermal images in a solar power plant, overheated or damaged panels can be detected. Maintenance and repair of the panels can be carried out more quickly and effectively.

Aerial thermography provides a comprehensive analysis of the health of solar panels. This analysis helps to detect abnormalities in solar panels and enables early intervention to correct these abnormalities.

Regular inspections with aerial thermography have many benefits. First of all, it detects problems in solar panels early and resolves them quickly. It extends the lifespan and improves the performance of solar panels. Regular thermographic inspections help to increase the efficiency of solar panels.

Inspecting solar plants using aerial thermography has several advantages. Thermal imaging by drones can cover large areas in a short time. It enables faster and more efficient inspection of solar power plants. Thermal imaging with drones minimizes human error and provides more accurate data.

Drones Reduce Inspection Time

Thermal Inspection

Drone inspection with thermal camera

One of the biggest advantages of using drones for the inspection and maintenance of solar power plants is the reduction of inspection time. Drones can complete thermal inspections faster than manual methods such as solar inspections. Inspections that take 2-5 hours per MW can be performed at a pace of 10 minutes per MW with drones.

Drones are much faster than inspectors traveling on foot. A trained drone pilot knows how to photograph PV plants from an aerial perspective at the right shooting angle, time intervals and speed. Professionally captured drone images can be seamlessly processed and accurately analyzed using specialized software.

More accurate data collection: By flying over PV plants, drones can collect more accurate data on the performance of the system. This data allows for more accurate analysis and faster detection of problems.

Drones are one of the most effective tools for inspecting and maintaining solar plants. When combined with MapperX software, aerial thermography images can be quickly shared with automatically generated reports, further accelerating the detection and resolution of problems.

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