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What Does a Solar Energy Panel Do?
Artificial Intelligence with MapperX

Time Saving

Our thermography service provided by unmanned aerial vehicles, regardless of the area where the system is installed (roof, land, etc.), all of the large surface modules are completed by our pilots with UAV Commercial Pilot License in an average of 1 hour if the weather conditions are suitable, and the collected data is processed by our MapperX software in a short time and opened to the access of the facilities.

In the maintenance activities of Solar Power Plants established on large areas, 99% time saving is achieved compared to traditional methods with thermographic inspection performed with state-of-the-art equipment instead of human labor. Thus, the risk of other malfunctions occurring before an inspection cycle is completed is eliminated. Thermographic data of the entire SPP site is obtained and mapped in a short time. Faults belonging to the SPP site are automatically detected on the map and marked with their geographical coordinates and degree of importance. Field operations that take days with traditional methods are completed in as little as 3-4 hours on average, depending on the size of the site.