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Turnkey Solutions for Solar Power Plants

Solar power plants are preferred by many people and organizations because they are environmentally friendly, renewable and sustainable. Installing solar power plants requires the right equipment and expertise.

Turnkey solutions for solar power plants are services designed to suit the needs of the customer, covering the entire process, including installation, maintenance and repair services. In this way, customers can meet their energy needs with solar energy.

Turnkey solutions include procurement, installation, connection and commissioning of the equipment required for solar power plants. These solutions also include processes such as management and maintenance of solar power plants.

Turnkey solutions for solar power plants support customers at every stage of the project, from inception to completion. Customers can save time and money by working with a single contractor to control the budget and duration of their project.

EPC Companies for Solar Power Plants

EPC companies for solar power plants support customers at every stage of the project. Phases such as project design, supply chain management, construction, testing and commissioning are carried out based on the expertise of EPC companies. This process helps clients to successfully complete their projects.

What Distinguishes a Good EPC Company from Others?

1- Experienced and Qualified Staff: Solar power plants should have a team of experienced and qualified personnel in construction. The training and experience of the staff helps projects to be completed on time, safely and on budget.

2- Strong Supply Chain: It should have a strong supply chain. This ensures that there are no delays in the procurement and delivery of materials. A strong supply chain also helps to manage the project more efficiently in terms of budget and timeline.

3- Technological Capabilities: It should offer technologically up-to-date and innovative solutions. Innovative solutions increase the efficiency of solar power plants and reduce operating costs.

4- Expertise: It should have expertise in the construction of solar power plants. This helps to manage the project more efficiently in terms of budget and timeline. Expertise helps manage many details from material selection to the installation phase.

5- Quality Control: Quality control processes should be of utmost importance.

6- Good References: Must have a strong track record of references.

7- Good Project Management: It should have a good project management team. This helps projects to be completed on time and on budget.

8- After Service Support: It should provide after-service support. It ensures that solar power plants run smoothly and increases customer satisfaction.

Air Thermography After PV Power Plant Installation

Air thermography after PV (photovoltaic) plant installation is a technique used to take thermal images of the panels and connections used in a PV plant. This helps in early diagnosis of any malfunctions or problems of the panels and connections and improves the performance and reliability of the plant.

Air thermography is performed using a thermal camera that measures temperature differences. These cameras detect light of various wavelengths and convert this light into temperature data. Thermal cameras used in PV plants can usually be controlled remotely and provide instant results. Software is needed to analyze the data obtained by aerial thermography.

MapperX software allows you to switch to preventive maintenance strategies by combining high-quality thermographic RGB camera inspections. Instead of a reactive strategy, you can identify potential problems in advance and find solutions.

Important factors include the quality of the data collected and the process of converting it into actionable information for your team. MapperX software processes both thermographic and visual data to generate reports about the solar power plant. The data is analyzed and reported accurately.

Companies operating in the Energy and Construction Projects (EPC) sector can increase their productivity by optimizing their business processes thanks to the analysis services offered by MapperX. With its powerful analysis capabilities, MapperX enables EPC companies to make faster and more accurate decisions during maintenance and repair phases. Visit the website to learn more about “EPC Companies in Solar Power Plants