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Innovative Technologies Used in Solar Power Plants

Today, the demand for sustainable energy sources is increasing and innovative technologies are constantly being developed in this field. Solar energy stands out as a clean and renewable energy source. Solar power plants are systems used to generate electrical energy from sunlight and have become more effective and efficient with the technologies developed in recent years. Here are the innovative technologies used in solar power plants:

1. High Efficiency Photovoltaic Cells

Photovoltaic cells are technologies that convert solar energy directly into electricity. In addition to traditional silicon-based cells, efficiency is being increased by improvements in new materials and structures. For example, thin-film photovoltaic cells are a technology that can capture solar energy more effectively and can be produced at lower cost. Multi-junction (multilayer) cells increase efficiency by directing light of different wavelengths to different cells.

2. Innovative Assembly Systems

The correct placement of solar panels is an important factor affecting the efficiency of solar power plants. Innovative mounting systems incorporate a variety of technologies that ensure optimal exposure of the panels to sunlight. For example, dual-axis tracking systems move the panels on horizontal and vertical axes according to the movement of the sun, resulting in more energy.

3. Advanced Energy Storage Systems

One of the biggest challenges of solar power plants is the decrease in energy production on cloudy or cloudy days. Advanced energy storage systems are innovative technologies developed to solve this problem. Large-scale batteries and accumulators are used to store excess energy from solar power plants and use it later when it is needed. The systems enable solar power plants to provide energy continuously and stably.

4. Dynamic Solar Tracking Systems

Dynamic solar tracking systems are used to ensure that solar panels are exposed to maximum sunlight. These systems are equipped with motors and sensors that track the movements of the sun. In this way, the panels move according to the angle of the sunlight, providing optimum efficiency. Dynamic solar tracking systems provide more energy production compared to fixed panels.

5.Drones for Solar Power Plants

Maintenance and monitoring of solar power plants often requires manpower and can be time-consuming. DJI drones are an innovative technology used to facilitate the maintenance of solar power plants. Unmanned aerial vehicles can quickly and efficiently perform tasks such as cleaning solar panels, damage assessment and general maintenance operations.

6. Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

MapperX is a critical software for checking and optimizing PV panels after thermographic inspection in solar power plants. It is equipped with a wide range of services offering many features such as Artificial Intelligence-based fault detection, digital twin technology, anomaly detection and efficiency analysis. It provides detailed reporting for solar power plants. MapperX is an important tool to realize energy production efficiently and economically.

MapperX is a software product developed for automatic fault detection in solar energy systems. It processes, analyzes and reports thermal inspection data of solar power plant facilities. It contributes greatly to maintenance activities with 99% time savings and enables effective management of power plants. MapperX detects errors occurring in solar energy sites and provides important recommendations to improve performance by identifying the causes of low performance. In this way, energy production can be realized efficiently and economically.

Innovative technologies used in solar power plants contribute to clean and sustainable energy production while increasing energy efficiency. These continuously developing and renewed technologies will enable solar energy to become a more widespread and economical energy source in the future. Visit the website to learn more about “Thermographic Inspection