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Maintenance of Photovoltaic Panels: What Should We Check in the Panels?

Solar energy panels require regular maintenance to keep them clean and working efficiently. Good maintenance extends the life of the panels and improves their performance. In this article, we will explain what you need to know about the maintenance of solar panels and which points you should pay attention to.

Maintenance of Solar Energy Panels

Cleaning the panels: Solar panels can be affected by dust, dirt, leaves and bird droppings. Therefore, the panels should be cleaned regularly. Dirty panels prevent the sun’s rays from reaching the panels and reduce their performance. The materials you use for cleaning should not damage the surfaces of the panels. For this reason, cleaning materials recommended by the manufacturer of the panels should be used.
Shadowing Shading is a factor that reduces the performance of solar energy panels. If there are any objects on your panels (for example, tree branches), the efficiency of the panels may decrease. Regularly trimming plants and trees around your panels can minimize the problem of shading.

Cables and connections: Solar panels require proper wiring and connections to function properly. Check your connection points and wiring system regularly and clean them if necessary. If there is any damage or cracks in the connection points, they need to be repaired.

Environmental factors: Solar panels are resistant to environmental factors, but they still need maintenance. Especially in areas with high winds, rain, snow and storms, it is important to check the panels regularly and make repairs if necessary.

Monitoring and control: Monitoring and controlling the performance of solar panels can make the system run more efficiently. Check the performance of the system regularly and resolve any issues.

What is the Most Effective Method for Cleaning Panels?

Use of hot water and soap

Using hot water and soap is a very effective method to remove dust, mud and other dirt accumulated on solar energy panels. During the cleaning process, care should be taken to prevent the chemicals of the soap from damaging the surface of the panels. Therefore, the pH balance of the soap should be neutral or slightly alkaline.

Use of pressurized water

The use of pressurized water is a highly effective method for cleaning solar panels. Pressurized water allows dirt and dust to be easily removed from the surface of the panels, but using too high pressure water can damage the surface of the panels and shorten the life of the panels. It is therefore important to keep the pressure low when using pressurized water.
Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is the latest technological method for cleaning solar energy panels. Steam cleaning removes dirt and dust from the surface of the panels using steam. This method reduces the use of chemical cleaners and is environmentally friendly. When the pressure of the steam is too high, it can damage the surface of the panels, so it is necessary to control the steam pressure.

Use of a brush

Cleaning solar energy panels is very important to improve their performance and extend their lifespan. The methods mentioned above are the most effective methods for cleaning the panels. When deciding which method to use, an evaluation should be made according to the surface and condition of the panels. In addition, care should be taken not to damage the surface of the panels while cleaning. Regular cleaning of solar energy panels prevents the accumulation of dirt and dust on their surfaces and ensures a longer lifespan. For this reason, owners of solar energy panels should take care to clean the panels regularly.

Cleaning Robot

The cleaning robot is the perfect solution for cleaning solar panels and other sensitive surfaces. Its high mechanical performance, low water consumption and economical design make it much easier to achieve optimal cleaning results. It can also be controlled by remote control, so no physical effort is required from the operator.
This photovoltaic cleaning system is powered by lithium-ion batteries and does not require an external power supply. The operator can clean in complete safety, without having to step on sensitive roof and solar surfaces.

Solar Power Plant Efficiency with MapperX

MapperX is a software product developed with the use of artificial intelligence technologies and is intended for solar energy systems.
MapperX analyzes the heat distribution of plant components by using thermographic inspection results in solar power plants. As a result of this analysis, hot spots on the surface of solar panels are identified and classified according to their heat distribution. Thus, the performance of the plant is increased, possible failures are detected in advance and preventive maintenance is provided. Thanks to MapperX, fast and accurate solutions are offered to problems that prevent the production of facilities. Visit the website to learn more about “Economic Benefits of Solar Power Plants”