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Our R&D Studies

Our company has focused on the goal of innovation-based economic growth and development by increasing the number of technical personnel and engineers employed in R&D activities day by day. With this in mind, we continue to produce value-added products based on high technology and continue to invest in these areas.

As Biriz Energy, we put forward new products and processes to meet the expectations of our business partners with our engineers and technical staff. The principles we have adopted as our mission in this framework:

≡ To comply with the principles of integrity, impartiality and confidentiality,
≡ To apply the quality standards prepared by national and international organizations in our testing and testing activities,
≡ Keeping our equipment and know-how up to date,
≡ To provide the fastest and most innovative solutions to our customers’ problems.

We are happy to support this process with the technologies we have developed within the scope of efforts to reduce carbon emissions in the world.

With the theme of “Green Intelligence”, we develop artificial intelligence software to increase the efficiency of renewable energy sources.