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Use of Artificial Intelligence and Efficiency Increase in Solar Power Plants

Solar power plants are becoming more and more popular nowadays when our energy needs are increasing. These power plants consist of panels that convert solar energy into electrical energy and require regular maintenance to operate with high efficiency. However, this maintenance process not only consumes time and money, but also brings the risk of human error.
The use of artificial intelligence in solar power plants is a new way to make the maintenance process more efficient and safer. Using big data analysis and learning algorithms, AI can monitor the performance of panels, identify areas that require maintenance, and even prevent failures.

So, how is artificial intelligence used in solar power plants?

Energy efficiency technologies

Cloud-based energy management

There are many different ways to use artificial intelligence in solar power plants. For example, a series of sensors can be used to monitor the performance of the panels. These sensors collect data and transfer it to a central database. Then, artificial intelligence algorithms analyse this data and provide information about the performance of the panels.
It can also be detected whether the panels are damaged or dirty. This information allows the maintenance team to intervene at the right time and increases efficiency. While analysing the data, it can also predict future problems. In this way, failures can be prevented and maintenance costs are reduced.

The use of artificial intelligence not only increases efficiency in solar power plants, but also reduces the risk of human error.
By accurately analysing data, it optimises the timing of maintenance operations and provides accurate guidance to maintenance teams. It can monitor panel performance in solar power plants, detect panel failures and send notifications to teams for repairs. It can also increase the efficiency of energy production by taking into account the intensity of the sun’s rays and the position of the panel. In this way, losses in panel performance are reduced and more energy is generated.
In summary, artificial intelligence can improve the performance of solar power plants, reduce maintenance costs and reduce the risk of human error. This helps solar power plants become more efficient and sustainable. Artificial intelligence has been increasingly used in recent years to improve the efficiency of solar power plants.

Solar power plants produce high amounts of energy, but a high amount of investment is required to obtain this energy. Therefore, it is very important that the power plants operate efficiently and their energy production is at maximum level. The average return on investment in solar power plants that produce energy at full efficiency is completed in 4-5 years and works completely for you for the remaining 20-25 years. At this point, by using artificial intelligence, efficiency in energy production can be increased and costs can be reduced.
Thanks to artificial intelligence, energy production is made efficient and energy resources are used more effectively. In addition, the efficient operation of power plants and the maximum level of energy production are very important in terms of reducing operating costs and protecting natural resources. Thanks to artificial intelligence, efficiency in energy production is increased and dependence on energy resources that harm nature is reduced.

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MapperX detects failures in solar power plants using thermal cameras and generates reports, helping business owners make the right decisions. Thus, benefits such as reducing maintenance costs and increasing production efficiency are achieved.
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