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What is Solar Energy Panel

Solar Energy Panel Electricity Generation

What is a Solar Energy Panel

What is Solar Energy Panel, panels containing solar cells that are used to collect solar energy.  Solar energy panels are used to convert the sun’s rays coming into the world into electricity. Solar panels convert heat and light from the sun into electrical energy. This converted electrical energy enables the operation of many devices used in homes, workplaces and factories.

With the increase in investments allocated to alternative energy sources, the development of solar panels has started to grow. The solar panels used are much more efficient and lower cost than other artificial energy sources used in the world. Maintenance is required to ensure the continuity of Solar Power Plants sites and to continue production economically and reliably.

As Biriz Energy, our thermography service with unmanned aerial vehicles is completed by our pilots, all of whom have UAV Commercial Pilot License, within an average of 1 hour, regardless of the area where the system is installed. After the faults are automatically detected with MapperX software, the data processed in a short time is made available to the facilities.  Why You Should Make a Solar Energy Panel you can read our article