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Ar-Ge MapperX
Artificial Intelligence Software


On the road we set out with our expert engineers and software team, we serve Solar Energy facilities with the latest technology equipment and our MapperX software, which we designed and developed with 100% domestic facilities. MapperX is a software product developed by Biriz Energy engineers for solar energy systems using artificial intelligence technologies. Our product, which detects malfunctions in SPP sites with 99% accuracy by utilizing the power of image processing and machine learning technologies, data and analysis, adds value to the investments made and offers solutions to problems that prevent the production of facilities.

  • It transforms SPP sites into digital sites that can be accessed on the web.
  • Collects thermal information about the SPP site and Solar panels.
  • It provides analysis of the data of the site depending on the monitored parameters and the monitored frequency.
  • MapperX detects malfunctions and causes of malfunctions in SPP sites with 99% accuracy thanks to artificial intelligence software.
  • It remotely identifies and locates the obstacles that reduce the performance of the plant and visualizes them in order of importance.
  • Provides important points about the causes of low performance and suggestions for improving performance.
  • Ensures that the data obtained is reported in a simple and understandable format.
  • Provides historical statistics and analytical reports by storing data for a long time.
  • By providing the opportunity to assign tasks, it ensures that the corporate hierarchical structure of companies is maintained in a digital environment.

Believe in the future of Artificial Intelligence!

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We shape the future with our MapperX software, which we designed and developed for Solar Energy facilities, with our experienced R&D team consisting of artificial intelligence engineers and mapping engineers.

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