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Performance Analysis of Solar Panels

Solar energy is one of the renewable energy sources and PV (photovoltaic) panels are technological devices used to convert solar energy into electricity. Various methods are used to evaluate the performance and improve the efficiency of PV panels. One of these methods is the use of drone technology with aerial thermography processes.

PV panels consist of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight directly into electricity. The cells are made of semiconductor materials specially designed to convert sunlight into energy. The panels are often used on rooftops, in fields or in specialized solar energy areas. Solar energy is a major contributor to energy production in various countries because it is an environmentally friendly energy source and is infinitely renewable.

Drone Technology and PV Panels

Drone technology has been used in many industries in recent years. Regular maintenance of PV panels and monitoring their performance with thermal inspections is one of these areas. Drones inspect PV panels with high-resolution cameras and can detect problems such as dirt, cracks or damage that may occur on the panels. Faster and more effective than traditional inspection methods, drones also ensure human safety. Remote-controlled drones can reach high areas and inspect solar power plants located in difficult areas where humans cannot reach.

What is Thermal Inspection?

Thermal inspection is the process of analyzing the temperature distribution of components of solar power plants (e.g. PV panels, inverters, cables) using thermal imaging technology. This technique helps to identify potential problems by detecting deviations from the normal operating temperature of the panels. For example, problems such as overheating, short circuits or connection problems can be detected at an early stage with thermal inspection.

Advantages of Thermal Inspection in Solar Power Plants:

Early Diagnosis: Thermal inspection detects potential faults in PV panels at an early stage, thus preventing major damage.

Efficiency Improvement: Identifying problematic panels ensures that the right interventions are made to improve the efficiency of the system.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: Planned maintenance reduces the cost of unexpected failures in solar power plants and extends the life of the solar power plant.

Safety: Thermal inspection enables safe inspection of the power plant even without human intervention.

Performance Monitoring: Continuous thermal inspection can be used to monitor changes in solar system performance and adjustments can be made as needed.

Advantages of Inspecting PV Panels by Drone

Speed and Effectiveness: Drones can quickly inspect PV panels over large areas, saving time.

High Resolution: Drones can take detailed images of PV panels using high-resolution cameras, so even minor damage can be detected.

Cost Effectiveness: Drones are more cost-effective than manual inspection methods and also save on labor costs.

Safety: PV panels located in dangerous or high places can be inspected by drones without risking human safety.

Data Collection and Analysis: Drones can present the data they collect in an analyzable format, providing a better understanding of the performance of PV panels. The data obtained from aerial thermography processes are analyzed with MapperX artificial intelligence-based software, data analysis is performed and anomalies are detected. After the examination, world-class reports are created at a level that users can understand.

MapperX is a powerful tool to automate your business processes and create data analysis in solar panels.

MapperX and Solar Power Plants

Automates your business processes: MapperX examines data from solar power plants in a fully autonomous way and helps you automate your work. This allows you to be more efficient in your business and save more time.

Analyzes data on solar panels: MapperX is a powerful software solution for performing data analysis on solar panels. This can help you monitor and improve the performance and efficiency of your panels.

Generates forecasts: MapperX helps you create forecasts about the performance and efficiency of your panels. This allows you to plan for your future needs.

Use Cases of MapperX

MapperX is particularly popular in the solar industry. MapperX is used by many solar companies to monitor and improve the performance and efficiency of solar panels.

Data Analysis on Solar Panels with MapperX

MapperX offers powerful tools for analyzing data on solar panels. For example, using MapperX you can monitor the performance and efficiency of your panels and the amount of energy they produce.

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