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Power Plants Inspection with Drone

Today, the sustainability of energy resources and environmentally friendly energy production are becoming increasingly important. The use of renewable energy sources such as solar power plants is increasing. Regular thermal inspections are necessary to ensure that the plants are operating efficiently and to detect problems. This is where thermal inspection and drone technology come into play.

Thermal Inspection in Solar Power Plants

Solar power plants use PV panels that convert sunlight into electrical energy. Problems such as overheating or loss of performance of PV panels negatively affect energy production. Thermal inspection is used to detect problems in PV panels.

Drones with thermal cameras image the temperature differences of the panels and these images can be used to detect potential problems in the panels. Thermal inspection is an important process to increase the efficiency of power plants and prevent failures.

Solar Power Plants Inspection with Thermal Drone

Surveying large and expansive areas of solar power plants can be time-consuming and costly with traditional methods. Thermal drone technology accomplishes this task much more effectively and in a shorter period of time.

Drones equipped with thermal cameras can capture high-resolution thermal images, and by analyzing these images with MapperX, an AI-powered PV panel inspection reporting software, we can obtain valuable information about the temperature distribution of the panels and anomalies in the panels. In addition, drones can easily reach hard-to-reach areas of power plants and conduct detailed thermal inspections.

How to Conduct a Thermal Inspection?

  • Drone Preparation: A drone with the appropriate equipment should be selected for thermal inspection.
  • Drones with Thermal Camera Supported by MapperX: DJI Mavic 3T Enterprise / DJI Matrice 30T /DJI Matrice 300 RTK + Zenmuse H20T
  • Flight Planning: The drone’s flight route is planned in accordance with MapperX flight instructions and flight parameters are determined to cover the entire power plant.
  • Data Collection: The drone captures thermal images as it flies over the power plant. These images are then analyzed in MapperX software for data analysis and error detection.
  • Analysis and Reporting: Thermal images are transferred to MapperX artificial intelligence supported software and the temperature distribution of the panels is analyzed. Anomalous PV panels are identified and a detailed report is generated.

What are the Benefits of Thermal Inspection?

Early Detection of Problems: Problems in PV panels are detected early and energy loss is prevented.

Increased Efficiency: Regular thermal inspections of power plants increase the efficiency of power plants.

Safety: Drones can access dangerous areas without human intervention.

Cost Savings: Drone thermal inspections are faster and more cost-effective than traditional inspection methods.

Thermal inspection of solar power plants and drone technology play a critical role for the sustainability and efficiency of energy production. Drone inspections enable regular inspections of power plants, facilitating early detection and resolution of problems. This helps us make more use of clean energy sources and cause less damage to the environment.

Inspection of Power Plants with MapperX

MapperX is more than PV panel inspection. It offers world-class reporting services with anomaly detection and efficiency analysis with artificial intelligence.

MapperX is an AI-powered thermal inspection and reporting software for solar power plants. MapperX detects and reports problems that may occur in the panels using the temperature data of solar panels. MapperX helps to increase the efficiency of solar power plants and reduce costs.

The main features of MapperX are as follows:

  • AI-powered fault detection: MapperX analyzes the temperature data of solar panels and detects anomalies that may occur in the panels. MapperX’s AI algorithm detects various problems that can occur in solar panels, such as cracks, contamination, cable breaks and shading, with high accuracy.
  • Anomaly detection: MapperX detects anomalies in panels by analyzing solar power plant data obtained by thermal drone.
  • Efficiency analysis: MapperX evaluates the efficiency of panels by analyzing power plant data.

MapperX works using thermal images of solar power plants. MapperX detects the temperature differences of the panels in the thermal images. The temperature differences of the panels may indicate problems that may occur in the panels.

MapperX reports the anomalies detected in the panels at world standards. The reports include the problems that may occur in the panels and the causes of these problems. Solar power plant analysis reports provide the owners and operators of solar power plants with the necessary information to eliminate problems.

MapperX has become more and more widely used in the solar energy sector. MapperX is an important artificial intelligence-powered software that helps improve the efficiency and safety of solar power plants.

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