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Aerial SPP Thermal Imaging

Airborne thermal imaging is essential for monitoring and maintaining the performance of solar power plants.

Thermal Imaging in Solar Power Plants

Solar power plants produce clean and sustainable energy using PV panels that convert sunlight into electricity. It is critical to ensure that PV panels are functioning correctly and to detect potential problems in advance, in this case, thermal inspection with an airborne thermal drone is the way to go.

Aerial thermal imaging is used to detect temperature differences of objects using a thermal drone. This method is an excellent tool for identifying problems in solar power plants. Overheating or cooling of panels in solar power plants can reduce efficiency and cause serious damage. Thermal imaging provides early detection of problems by precisely measuring these temperature changes.

Aerial Inspection of Solar Power Plants with Drone

One of the most widely used tools for aerial thermal inspection is drones. Here’s how to conduct a thermal survey of solar power plants using a drone:

  • Drone Preparation: A drone with a thermal camera suitable for thermal survey is selected and prepared for flight. The drone’s battery is charged and control systems are tested.
  • Creating a Flight Plan: In accordance with MapperX flight instructions, the drone flies a specific route over the solar power plant. These routes are carefully planned to cover all of the panels.
  • Thermal Camera Use: The drone scans the panels and other components with its thermal camera. The thermal camera records the temperature distribution of the panels, and this data is then analyzed with MapperX artificial intelligence software.
  • Data Analysis: The thermal data obtained is analyzed using MapperX software. Temperature differences are analyzed for potential problems. This data is used to guide maintenance teams.

Thermographic Inspection in Solar Power Plants

Thermal inspection helps to inspect not only the panels, but also other components (e.g. inverters, connections). Furthermore, this technology can be used to improve the design of solar power plants. For example, thermal imaging helps to arrange panels more efficiently.

Thermal Inspection with MapperX AI Software: Improve Solar Power Plant Performance

MapperX is an artificial intelligence software used for thermal inspection in solar power plants. MapperX analyzes data obtained by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with thermal cameras to detect faults and problems in panels.

Thermal inspections with MapperX offer many advantages over traditional manual inspections.

Faster and more efficient: MapperX saves 99% of the time compared to traditional manual inspections.

  • Higher accuracy: MapperX detects faults and anomalies with high accuracy thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • Wider coverage: Thanks to drone thermal inspections, MapperX can inspect larger power plants in a short period of time.
  • Early fault detection: MapperX detects faults in panels early, helping to prevent major damage.
  • Higher efficiency: Quickly fixing faults detected with MapperX can increase the efficiency of the PV plant.
  • Lower cost: MapperX costs less than traditional manual inspections.

MapperX is an ideal affordable solution for businesses looking to improve the performance of their solar power plants.

PV Panel Inspection Steps with MapperX

Acquiring thermal images

Solar power plant thermal image analysis with MapperX software starts with the acquisition of thermal images. This is done with a thermal drone. The drone flies close to the solar panels and acquires thermal images.

Analyzing thermal images

MapperX software analyzes the acquired thermal images. This analysis is done using artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence algorithms automatically detect anomalies in thermal images.

Detection of anomalies

MapperX detects anomalies in thermal images. These anomalies indicate failures, damage or performance degradation of solar panels.

Reporting anomalies

MapperX software reports detected anomalies. These reports are presented to users in accordance with world standards. The reports include the locations of the anomalies, their causes and possible solutions.

Drones Supported by MapperX Artificial Intelligence PV Panel Inspection Software

The following drones are powered by MapperX software;

  • DJI Mavic 3T Enterprise
  • DJI Matrice 30T
  • DJI Matrice 300 RTK+ Zenmuse H20T / H20N

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