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Artificial Intelligence Software MapperX

MapperX Thermal Inspection

Artificial Intelligence Software MapperX

Artificial Intelligence Software MapperX is an autonomous artificial intelligence software developed with the aim of increasing the efficiency of solar energy systems by developing completely domestic artificial intelligence technologies with its expert engineer staff. Thanks to the software, MapperX, which quickly and accurately detects faulty situations in Solar Power Plants by utilizing the power of data and analysis, detects faults in Solar Power Plants and reports solutions to problems that prevent the electricity generation of the facilities.

Thanks to this software developed by Biriz Energy, the rate of return on investment increases, costs are reduced and time is saved. All these stages comply with occupational health and safety rules.

The purpose of the Artificial Intelligence Software MapperX is to reduce the costs of investments in solar power plants today. Providing data to improve the performance of solar power plants, MapperX offers world-class reports to maximize energy production.

In the non-destructive examination, the heat distributions of the pv panels scanned using unmanned aerial vehicles are analyzed quickly and reliably without damaging the system. The heat distributions of the surfaces are statistically analyzed for fault detection in solar panels.

MapperX remotely detects the obstacles that reduce the performance of the plant and offers suggestions to improve all points related to the causes of low performance. It provides historical statistics and reports by storing the data it has collected for a long time. Advantages of Solar Power Plants  you can read our article