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Future Energy Transition: Solar Energy and Artificial Intelligence Alliance

Solar energy has an important place among renewable energy sources and is increasingly preferred. Artificial intelligence technologies are also developing rapidly and have applications in the energy sector as well as in many other sectors.

Solar Energy and Artificial Intelligence

Solar energy uses the energy obtained from the sun to generate electricity. Solar energy systems require a certain angle and position, and the efficiency of these energy systems is directly related to the correct adjustment of the solar panels. This is where artificial intelligence comes into play. Artificial intelligence can analyze various data for the efficient operation of solar panels.

By evaluating factors such as the weather, the angle of the sun’s rays, and cloudiness, it can determine the times when the panels will work most efficiently. Thus, the efficiency in the production of solar energy systems increases and energy resources are used more effectively.

Smart Grids and Energy Storage

Artificial intelligence can also be used in energy storage systems and smart grids. Smart grids are designed to manage energy demand and supply more effectively. AI can analyze energy consumption patterns, predict energy demand and optimize energy transmission.

Energy storage systems are used to stabilize the fluctuating nature of renewable energy sources. For example, wind power or solar energy may produce more electricity at certain times, but consumption may be low at the moment. Artificial intelligence can predict when energy storage systems will store energy and when they will release energy, so that energy resources can be used more efficiently.

Environmental Benefits and Economic Returns

One of the biggest advantages of the solar energy and artificial intelligence alliance is the environmental benefits. While energy production from fossil fuels harms the environment by releasing greenhouse gases, solar energy stands out as a clean energy source. AI-supported solar energy systems eliminate environmental impacts by reducing energy production based on fossil fuels.

Technological developments also provide great economic benefits. Artificial intelligence-supported solar energy systems reduce energy costs by increasing energy efficiency. This can reduce the energy bills of solar businesses and consumers, while increasing business opportunities in the energy sector.

MapperX’s Contribution to Solar Power Plants

MapperX is an artificial intelligence-based software developed for solar power plants. It is used to detect faults and anomalies from thermal images of photovoltaic (PV) panels of solar power plants. MapperX analyzes thermal images obtained by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to identify hot spots and other types of anomalies on the panels. MapperX is designed to improve the efficiency and reliability of solar power plants.

MapperX offers the following features:

AI-based fault detection: MapperX automatically detects faults and anomalies in panels using deep learning algorithms. This enables faster and more accurate results than manual inspections.

Digital twin technology: MapperX digitizes thermal images of PV panels to create a digital twin. The digital twin can be used to monitor the condition of the panels and analyze their performance.

Anomaly detection: MapperX detects abnormal heat distributions in panels. It helps to detect problems such as overheating, contamination or damage to PV panels early on.

Detailed reporting: MapperX provides detailed and world-class reports on detected faults and anomalies. The reports help plant operators identify the cause of problems and develop solutions.

PV Panel Inspection with MapperX

  • Thermal images of the panels are taken by UAV.
  • The images are uploaded to cloud systems.
  • MapperX analyzes the images using artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • Errors and anomalies are detected.
  • A world-class report is created.
  • MapperX enables anomaly detection faster and more efficiently than manual inspections.

The wider use of MapperX in the future will contribute to making solar energy production more economical and sustainable.

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