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Panel Cleaning in Solar Power Plants

Panel Cleaning in Solar Power Plants is an issue that should not be taken lightly. Cleaning solar panels increases the efficiency of electricity generation.

Why Periodic Solar Panel Cleaning is Necessary?

It works by converting the sunlight falling on solar panels into electricity. The more light that hits a panel, the more power it will generate. Over time, when dust and other materials accumulate on the surface of the solar panel, it significantly lowers the amount of light hitting the panel and therefore reduces its output.

When solar panels are cleaned, the direct sunlight falling on the solar panels increases and corresponds to an increase in the units of electricity produced by the panels. Regular cleaning of solar panels has the potential to increase power output by up to 30%.

To guarantee a longer service life for your solar panels and the efficiency of the system, there are some things to remember. Improper cleaning practices, poor quality water and the use of unsuitable cleaning agents can damage modules and other array components and can also reduce system performance. It is also important to train cleaning personnel in proper cleaning methods and the use of appropriate cleaning tools.

The recommended time for cleaning modules is in low light conditions when production is lowest. However, when the sun shines during the day, the panels also heat up and cleaning solar panels with cold water in the evening can cause thermal shock to the panels and permanently damage them. Therefore, the best time to clean Solar Panels is early in the morning when the power plant is not running, the danger of electric shock is minimal and the temperature of the solar panels is not high.

Solar Pv Inspection with MapperX

MapperX quickly detects failures and faults in solar panels. Faults in the facility are detected by using the data obtained from the thermographic examination of Ges sites. In the maintenance activities of Solar Power Plants, thermographic inspection with state-of-the-art equipment instead of human labor saves 99% time compared to traditional methods. Solar Panel System you can read our article