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Pv Panel Fault Detection

Solar energy systems play an important role in the search for sustainable energy sources. From time to time, malfunctions may occur in solar panels. It is very important to quickly detect and solve the malfunction in solar power plants.

What is Thermal Drone Technology?

Thermal drones use infrared (IR) technology to detect the surface temperatures of objects. The drones detect the temperature differences of objects and can thus create a visual map and detect abnormal temperature differences.

Thermal Signature of Failures in Solar Panels:

Failures in solar panels are often associated with temperature changes. For example, wiring problems or cell damage can produce a higher temperature than normal. Thermal drones are very effective at identifying potential failures by detecting such abnormal heat spikes.

How to Detect Solar Panel Failure with Thermal Drones?

a. Flight Planning: Plan the thermal drone to make regular and systematic flights over the solar panels.

b. Data Collection: While flying with the drone, record the thermal signatures of the solar panels. It helps you create a map showing the normal temperature distribution of the panels.

c. Identify Anomalies: On the generated thermal map, detect abnormal temperature changes between or within panels. They may be indicators of potential failures.

d. Analysis and Intervention: The analysis of the data obtained from solar energy systems with drones and fault detection processes are carried out with MapperX software, after the fault detection process is done, the world-class report is presented to the users.


a. Early Detection: With thermal drones, you can detect potential failures at an early stage, which reduces maintenance costs.
b. Efficiency: Drones can fly quickly over large areas and scan a large number of panels in a short time.
c. Safety: By using thermal drones instead of manual inspections, you can stay safe in dangerous high places.

Thermal drones are a powerful tool to detect faults in solar panels and increase efficiency. With this technology, you can maximize sustainable energy production and save costs in the long run. It is important to learn the use of thermal drones before seeking professional help or you can utilize MapperX drone services so that you can achieve accurate results.

Pv panel fault detection with MapperX

MapperX artificial intelligence software provides fault detection and reporting services by performing thermal inspections in solar power plants. MapperX detects faults in PV panels more quickly and accurately by using the thermographic inspection method with drone.

Troubleshooting PV panels with manual methods is a time-consuming and laborious process. The margin of error is high in fault detection with manual methods. Thermographic inspection with drone is a faster, more accurate and less costly method.

Using the drone thermographic inspection method, MapperX detects faults in PV panels as follows:

– The drone flies over the solar power plant and images the heat distribution of the PV panels.
– MapperX detects the faults in PV panels by analyzing the heat distributions displayed by the drone.
– MapperX presents the detected faults to the user as a report.

MapperX increases the efficiency of solar power plants by providing fast and accurate detection of faults in solar power plants. In addition, MapperX reduces costs by reducing the need for manpower.

MapperX is an ideal solution for the detection and reporting of faults in solar power plants. MapperX is a fast, accurate and cost-effective solution. MapperX increases the efficiency of solar power plants.

MappеrX’s unique artificial intelligence algorithms analyze high-resolution Thermographic images collected by thermal drones. It can precisely detect abnormalities in the surface temperatures of PV panels.

The drone-based thermographic inspection method makes the maintenance and management processes of solar power plants more effective and efficient. In this way, potential failures are detected at an early stage and efficiency is increased by intervening when necessary.

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