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What is Thermographic Examination

Thermographic Inspection

Thermographic Inspection, the data of the components of the Solar Power Plants field are collected by unmanned aerial vehicles and thermal cameras with high resolution and controlled in the facilities in a short time.

How to Perform Thermographic Inspection

Inspection processes are carried out through four steps. Mapping, Artificial Intelligence, Inspection and Reporting.

The data of solar power plants pv systems are collected by unmanned aerial vehicles and thermal high-resolution cameras and controls are provided in a minimum time and non-destructive way without damaging the system.

Thermal maps of Solar Power Plants are created using geographical information systems, and in this way, solar energy facilities that are difficult to access are transformed into digital sites that can be accessed on the web.

With MapperX, the artificial intelligence software of the site whose thermal data is taken by unmanned aerial vehicles, malfunctions are detected, information is classified and visualized in order of importance. Processed data analysis of the site is reported. Advantages of Solar Power Plants you can read our article