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Common Misconceptions about Solar Power Plants

The solar power plant stands out as a great investment and an environmental solution that everyone wants to have, especially with the increase in energy crises in recent years. However, some information misleads investors or causes them to give up.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the most common misconceptions about solar power plants.

1.FALSE: More energy is obtained from the sun in hot regions

The solar panel converts radiation, not heat, into electricity. Contrary to popular belief, solar power plants do not produce more electricity in warmer regions. Solar panels can also generate electricity in cold and snowy weather.

2.FALSE: Solar panels produce less energy in heavy cloudy weather.

In cloudy weather, when we usually cannot see the sun, it can be assumed that solar panels do not work or do not produce energy. However, the sun’s rays reach the earth even in cloudy weather. Solar panels are less efficient on cloudy or rainy days than on sunny days, but they still produce energy.

3.FALSE: A backup generator is required after solar panel installation

After installing a solar energy system for your home, you can remain connected to the local electricity grid in the monthly offset application regulated under the unlicensed electricity generation regulation. When your power consumption exceeds the power of your installed solar system, the local electricity grid starts to provide power. Thus, you can use electricity 24/7 without interruption. In addition, before the installation of solar systems, the daily and hourly electrical energy consumption in your home is calculated and a solar panel suitable for your needs is recommended, considering that a panel produces an average of 400 watts to 600 watts of electricity. The installation of a solar energy system does not require a backup generator.

4.FALSE: Solar energy systems damage roofs during installation

As long as the system installations are made with the right engineering and installation team, it does not cause any damage to the roofs. On the contrary, since the roof gains more strength with the correct installation, the roof can be made more resistant to strong winds.

5.FALSE: Solar panels require a lot of maintenance after their installation

Just like electrical appliances in homes, they are not systems that require frequent maintenance such as combi boilers. However, if regular maintenance is carried out annually, their lifetime can be increased and their return on investment period can be accelerated. In order to get full efficiency from the panels in your SPP sites, maintenance of the panels is a very important issue.

MapperX autonomous artificial intelligence software examines solar panels in SPP sites with a thermal drone and reports faults at world standards. Upon request, Biriz Energy’s competent personnel can provide you with full service within the scope of maintenance activities by performing maintenance and repair of SPP sites.

6.FALSE: System setup time is too long

The systems to be installed in detached houses can be completed in 1 day, in small businesses in 1 week, but the installation time varies according to the capacity. Installation in large industrial establishments and factories can take an average of 30-35 days or even months depending on the size of the land.

7.FALSE: My roof type is not suitable for installing a system because it is not sloped

With the right construction material suitable for all types of roof types, solar energy systems can be installed by calculating solar radiation correctly.

8.FALSE: There are very few productive areas for solar energy in Turkey.

As it is known, there are 4 seasons in our country. The season when we see the most sunny weather is summer, but even if the weather is less sunny, this is not an obstacle for solar power plants. The information that Turkey is not very suitable for generating solar energy is incorrect because our country has very high solar radiation rates due to its geographical location and is very suitable for generating electricity with solar energy. Especially Southeastern Anatolia and the Mediterranean Region are regions with high solar energy production potential.

9.FALSE: Installation of a solar power plant is a costly process

Unfortunately, this is one of the most common misconceptions. Installing a solar power plant means “investing in the future”. While the return on investment in solar energy installation is provided in 3-6 years, if we consider that the investment life is between 25 and 30 years, it brings serious income for many years.

In addition, the state has many grants and incentives in this field. If desired, the installation cost can be minimized by obtaining an incentive certificate and you can benefit from tax incentives.

MapperX Analyzes the Errors in Your SPP Sites on Panel and Even Cell Basis

Your solar power plant is installed, so what do you need to do now?

The fact that the GES site has just been installed does not mean that the PV panels do not need maintenance yet. At the first stage, you need to check whether the newly installed solar panels produce energy with 100% efficiency.

In installations; There may be supply problems caused by engineering, mistakes made by technical personnel in the field and the production of PV panels. To prevent such situations, we report the results of thermal inspections with MapperX.

Maintenance and repair of solar power plants is of serious importance for the health and efficiency of your solar panels. Visit the website to learn more about “Features of Drones with Thermal Camera