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How Solar Panels Generate Electricity for Your Home

What is Solar Panels

How Solar Panels Generate Electricity for Your Home

How Solar Panels Generate Electricity for Your Home, generating electric current is the first step in solar panel operation, but the process doesn’t end there. Here’s how solar panel systems generate usable electricity for your home:

  • Photovoltaic cells absorb solar energy and convert it into DC electricity. The solar cells that make up the solar panel do the heavy lifting when it comes to actually generating electricity. Thanks to the photovoltaic effect, your solar panels produce an electric current
  • Solar inverters convert DC electricity from your solar modules into AC electricity used in most household appliances.
  • DC electricity is converted into AC electricity when it passes through your solar inverter. Inverters can also be equipped with transformers that regulate the voltage of DC and AC currents.
  • Solar inverters transfer the converted AC energy to your home’s electrical box. From there, the electricity is distributed from your home to all your outlets so that there is a usable electric current when your appliances need to be plugged in.
    If you have a grid-connected solar system, the electricity can run both to and from the power grid, and the excess energy generated by your panels can make you a financial contribution.

Solar Energy Systems with MapperX

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