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Solar Panel Thermal Inspection with Drone

Solar Panel Thermal Inspection with Drone, effective and efficient operation of solar power plants requires regular maintenance and inspection of solar panels. Drone thermal inspection is a highly effective method for thermal inspection of solar panels.

The Role of Drone Technology in Solar Panel Thermal Inspection

PV panels consist of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electrical energy. The proper functioning of these cells is critical for efficient energy production. Over time, dirt, dust or damage can build up on solar panels. For this reason, the condition of solar panels should be checked periodically and thermal inspections should be performed with drone.

Inspecting solar panels with manual methods can be time-consuming and costly. Drone technology offers an excellent solution for thermal inspection of solar panels.

Advantages of thermal inspection of solar panels with a drone:

  • Speed and Efficiency

Drones can quickly scan large solar power plants and quickly analyze the condition of the panels. This speeds up maintenance processes and minimizes loss of energy production.

  • Precision and Detail

Drones can inspect each individual cell of PV panels using high-resolution thermal cameras.

  • Security

Thermal inspection of solar panels is sometimes carried out in high places. Thanks to drones, people do not have to climb into dangerous areas, which is important for occupational safety.

  • Data Analytics

The drones can analyze the thermal data they collect through MapperX artificial intelligence software. The analysis can produce detailed reports on the condition of the solar panels and identify maintenance needs.

Solar Panels Thermal Inspection Process with Drone

The process of thermal inspection of solar panels with a drone includes the following steps:

  • Flight Planning

Thermal inspections to be carried out in solar power plants must be carried out in accordance with MapperX flight instructions. Before the flight, the flight route is determined on the solar power plant and a flight plan is created. This plan is designed to completely cover the solar panels.

  • Flight

The drone’s thermal camera scans the solar panels and collects temperature data. The data is used to identify which areas of the panels are problematic.

  • Data Analysis

The thermal data collected is analyzed through MapperX artificial intelligence. Temperature differences and problems affecting the efficiency of the panels are reported in a way that users can understand.

  • Reporting

The results are compiled into world-class reports with MapperX software and presented to solar plant owners. The report provides detailed information on the condition of the panels and possible maintenance requirements.

MapperX: Fault Detection with Artificial Intelligence in Solar Power Plants

Failures in PV panels significantly reduce the efficiency of the solar power plant. Therefore, early detection and elimination of failures is of critical importance.

MapperX is an artificial intelligence software developed to detect failures and anomalies of photovoltaic panels used in solar power plants.

MapperX detects malfunctions in panels by using artificial intelligence algorithms on images obtained by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) drones with thermal cameras.

MapperX provides the following benefits in solar power plants:

  • Increases the efficiency of the plant with early detection of failures in PV panels.
  • By detecting the cause of failures in PV panels, it enables faster and more accurate repair.
  • Creates a more reliable system by preventing human errors.
  • MapperX is an important technology that increases the efficiency and reliability of solar power plant sites.

Working Principle of MapperX

MapperX uses images obtained by drones with thermal cameras. In these images, the temperature distribution of the panels is analyzed. Failures in PV panels cause anomalies in the temperature distribution.

MapperX detects these anomalies using artificial intelligence algorithms. MapperX detects failures in panels with up to 99% accuracy.

Use of MapperX in Solar Power Plants

MapperX is used in solar power plants for regular maintenance and repair according to the data and results obtained after thermal inspections. MapperX detects faulty PV panels in the SPP site and ensures that necessary measures are taken to eliminate the faults.

MapperX is an important technology that increases the efficiency and reliability of solar power plants. MapperX has been widely used in the solar energy sector.

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