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Solar Panel Review

Pv Inspection with Thermal Drone

Thermal PV Review

Thermal PV inspection, thermal measurements of all PV modules in the photovoltaic system should be performed to detect thermal differences on the module. With the DJI MAVIC 3T drone with thermal camera, large areas of solar power plants can be scanned in a short time to detect faults and reduce the return on investment.

Solar panels are widely used on rooftops and in larger installations such as solar power plants. With effective troubleshooting and proper maintenance, solar panels can generate electricity for many years, and a thermal imaging camera also allows you to quickly inspect solar panels and detect damage to the panels in an easy and cost-effective way.

Thermal PV inspection cameras can show a range of problems. Defects in the cells indicate problems such as temporary shading (dirt, moisture, bird droppings), faulty bypass diode or faulty interconnections. Most PV problems are shown as hot spots or cold spots.

With a thermal imaging camera for thermal PV inspection, possible problem areas or faults can be detected and repaired before they occur. However, not every thermal PV imaging camera is suitable for solar energy panel inspection. There are some rules and guidelines that must be followed to perform efficient inspections and ensure that you reach the right conclusions. Using a DJI MAVIC 3T thermal imaging camera when inspecting solar power plants is the best option for taking thermal images of the panels.

DJI Mavic 3T Features

Mavic 3 Thermal is DJI’s next generation, lightweight, portable and multi-sensor drone.

  • Dual Camera 3 Axis Gimbal
  • 20MP 5.1K Wide Angle 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad
  • Up to 46 Minutes Flight Time
  • Transmission Range up to 9.3 Miles
  • 360° Obstacle Avoidance System
  • 10-Bit D-Log Colour Profile and HNCS
  • 1080p60 Live View Video Streaming
  • 8 GB Storage Space
  • RC-N1 OcuSync 2.0 Remote Control Included
  • Simultaneous split screen zoom

The DJI Mavic 3T with thermal camera is a drone designed for the special needs of air operations in firefighting, search and rescue, inspection and night missions. DJI Mavic 3T drone is the best drone with thermal camera for thermal inspection in solar power plants. With the DJI Mavic 3T thermal camera drone flight, solar energy panels in a large area can be scanned in a short time and the thermal mapping of the site can be easily done.

Pv inspection with Mavic 3 Thermal Drone contributes 100% to the effective execution of maintenance activities with 99% time savings compared to conventional methods and high accuracy in detecting the fault.

Solar Panel Thermal Review

Thermal controls of solar power plants with thermal drone and thermal inspection controls at electrical connection points should be carried out regularly. MapperX supports you for detailed information about thermal control services and monitoring analysis, maintenance and repair management services required by solar energy panels and for all your questions.

After the examinations we have made with thermal drone, we report the anomalies found in your ges fields as soon as possible with our autonomous artificial intelligence product, which is completely our own production, and provide detailed information to the users.

It takes two to seven years for a solar power plant to cover its own costs, after which you can start counting the savings.

Coal and gas-fired power plants produce a lot of air pollution in the form of particulate matter, carbon dioxide, methane and more. These have a direct impact on the climate and personal health. Solar panels produce no such pollution. Therefore, solar panels do not cause any damage to the environment.

The thermal inspection method in solar panels, also known as “thermal inspection” in the world, is one of the important components of MapperX artificial intelligence software.