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The New Era Revolutionizing Thermographic Inspection: DJI Zenmuse H30T

Revolutionizing Thermographic Inspection in Solar Power Plants with MapperX and DJI Zenmuse H30T

The Next Generation Thermal Camera DJI Zenmuse H30T and MapperX Integration

DJI Zenmuse H30T revolutionizes technology in thermographic inspection in solar power plants by integrating five main modules including a wide-angle camera, zoom camera, high-resolution infrared thermal camera, laser rangefinder, and NIR auxiliary light. These integrated multi-sensors, working in conjunction with the MapperX platform, enable more comprehensive and effective data collection during inspection processes in solar panels.

AI-Powered Thermographic Inspection

The thermographic inspection reporting process, supported by artificial intelligence, is ushering in a new era in thermal inspection of solar panels with the NEW Zenmuse H30T thermal camera integrated with MapperX’s advanced artificial intelligence software. Artificial intelligence algorithms allow for much faster and more accurate analysis of the data obtained during inspection, enabling the creation of reports compliant with IEC standards.

1280×1024 Resolution Infrared Thermal Camera

The infrared thermal camera of the Zenmuse H30T has a resolution of 1280×1024 and offers detailed examination of various anomaly types in solar panels such as string, module, diode errors, and hot spots, with 32× digital zoom. Combined with the autonomous artificial intelligence-based software of MapperX, it makes thermographic inspection operations for detecting faulty PV panels faster and more efficient.

Thermographic Inspection Operations on Solar Panels

The Zenmuse H30T performs exceptionally well even in extremely challenging weather conditions independently, a feature that allows it to be used effectively with the MapperX platform, ensuring operations are carried out efficiently and reliable data is obtained.

High-Resolution Zoom RGB Camera

The high-resolution 40MP zoom camera of the Zenmuse H30T offers 34× optical zoom and 400× digital zoom, allowing for close examination of various anomaly types detected by MapperX technology, such as shading, cracks, pollution, and vegetation cover on solar panels. This feature enables detailed images to be obtained during inspection, facilitating quick and comprehensive analyses.

Maximum 3000m Laser Rangefinder

The laser rangefinder of the Zenmuse H30T has a measurement range 2.5 times larger than the previous generation and captures location information accurately. This feature allows for precise measurements during inspection and enables accurate analysis of the data.

Three Infrared Gain Modes

The three infrared gain modes of the Zenmuse H30T allow for precise measurements in different temperature ranges. The High Gain mode provides more precise temperature measurements, while the Low Gain mode offers a wider temperature measurement range. The new High Resolution mode is ideal for measuring even the smallest temperature differences, providing the most ideal and accurate temperature information.
The DJI Matrice 300/350 RTK Drone and Zenmuse H30T Thermal Camera enhance the MapperX thermographic inspection process. This improves efficiency and reduces maintenance costs in solar energy plants. Images obtained from the air can be combined with thermal camera data for more comprehensive analysis. This allows potential issues in solar energy plants to be detected and addressed more quickly.

PV Panel Inspection with MapperX

Photovoltaic (PV) panels are critical components used for solar energy production. MapperX can be used to examine the performance and condition of these panels. Images obtained during flights with drones are analyzed by MapperX to detect cracks, pollution, or damage to PV panels. This is crucial for increasing the efficiency of solar energy systems and reducing maintenance costs.
MapperX creates digitally accessible areas for solar energy systems, collects thermal information about solar panels, performs data analysis, and detects faults with 99% accuracy. MapperX provides detailed analysis and reports on performance issues, offers solutions, and stores data for long-term analytics.

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